July 2013

Color shots!

Shot glasses in a rainbow of color. These 4" glasses will banish any shred
of boardom that could possibly exist while sipping a fine tequeila, vodka or 
whatever.....Beautiful color for your bar cabinet, or table....or on your fingertips!
Price $9.00 each

"Arc" oil on canvas

This striking 51" square framed painting by artist Jan Lukens is
just exceptional. There is a full photo of it on one of my earlier blogs
on this web site...so take a look. Jan is a talented North Caolina artist
who captures the power and beauty of animals in an exciting modern 
Price $5,800.00

Antique West Indian bench

This antique seems to be West Indian in origin......The detailing of the feet
seems to point to that. The local craftspeople put their own quirky spin on
traditiional forms..... like this Queen Anne curved leg with pad feet, but here
they added little stilts. Charming and freshly recoverd in a handsome 
brown and white diamond patterned fabric. 24" w X 16" d X 22" h.
Because of the extra height it would probably work as a piano bench!
Price $850.00 This item has SOLD

Antique calligraphy scrolls

I have long been a fan of the graphic qualities of these calligraphy scrolls.
I have picked them up here and there over the years. The styles range 
from poetic to frantic, but if you are concerned about what they say....
bring your own interpreter......because I don't collect them for the literary
content, only for their good looks.
Range of sizes and prices