Lyndhurst Castle

By dennis / On Oct.03.2013 / In / Width

For years we have been aiming to visit Lyndhurst, a historic property owned  by the National Trust in Tarrytown, NY. Finally we took advantage of the incredible weather we have been having lately on Sunday to see this outstanding property. We were a little surprised as how modest, in size, the house was. I had this image of it being incredibly grand, on the scale of some of the Gold Coast of Long Island or Southampton houses of  yore. Of course by todays standards it is generous.....but not epic.It is epic in it's romanticism, being a Gothic revival afair by architecht A. J. Davis, who drew inspiration from historic European styles. The grounds were impressive. You can just imagine how spectacular it must have been in it's day. 
One of the outstanding features of this particular preservation, is the fact that they have on display decorative artifacts of the three different families that have owned the house. You can get a sense of the changing tastes of the times and indivitual tastes of the ocupants over the years. 
It is certainly worth the time and effort....not to mention the small entrance fee (which is well spent toward the care of this property). As a member of the Natinal Trust, I would urge you to support the orginazation, which makes the preservation of such properties possible. Like most other non-profit groups......times are hard, and they rely on us who value saving history.