My bountiful cutting garden

By dennis / On Oct.10.2013 / In / Width

Every week that it doesn't get cold enough to frost is a gift. My cutting garden.....which is usually, primarily, a vegetable garden is brimming full. It is (mostly composed) of Nicotiana, Celosia and Zinnias. They are overshadowing the few vegetables that I got around to planting this year. The Nicotiana (the tall white flower, which is a cousin of smoking tobacco) are all volunteers. I haven't planted any new nicotiana plants or seeds in several years. If it likes where it is, you can count on returns for seasons to come. It isn't THE perfect "cut flower" because it doesn't last for very long in water.....but with this kind of bounty you can cut often. And, like the Zinnias, the more you cut the more they bloom! The real asset of Nicotiana is the beautiful stately,elegant white blooms, and lush, tropical foliage that is SO fragrant (especially in the evening). They produce scads of seeds, so you can give them to every one you've ever know.......Let me know if you want some!