Christmas shopping

By dennis / On Dec.17.2013 / In / Width

Time is slipping away to get your holiday shopping done. We still have some great gift items. In addition to my regular hours I will be open this Sunday (the 22nd) from 1:00 to 4:00pm. I will have some bubbly on hand to make your shoping experience more festive! I will be open on Monday the 23rd also! Come to Bedford House for uncommon gifts....

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Open House

By dennis / On Nov.21.2013 / In / Width

We had a great day for the open house on Sunday. Good traffic, and lots of laughter, and a few sips! Thank you every body that came and shopped and made it such a fun day. Here are a few pictures  from the day starting with an over view of the shop. It was looking full, warm, and festive. Kim Freeman arranged the beautiful table scapes to kick off her new business  called " The Art of the Table". She stages fabulous table settings and styling for home (or corporate) entertaining. The third picture is the ever stylish Kim herself with a beautiful holiday table of her making.

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Open House November 17th

By dennis / On Nov.06.2013 / In / Width

I am hosting an open house on the afternoon of Sunday November 17th .

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My bountiful cutting garden

By dennis / On Oct.10.2013 / In / Width

Every week that it doesn't get cold enough to frost is a gift. My cutting garden.....which is usually, primarily, a vegetable garden is brimming full. It is (mostly composed) of Nicotiana, Celosia and Zinnias. They are overshadowing the few vegetables that I got around to planting this year. The Nicotiana (the tall white flower, which is a cousin of smoking tobacco) are all volunteers. I haven't planted any new nicotiana plants or seeds in several years. If it likes where it is, you can count on returns for seasons to come.

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Lyndhurst Castle

By dennis / On Oct.03.2013 / In / Width

For years we have been aiming to visit Lyndhurst, a historic property owned  by the National Trust in Tarrytown, NY. Finally we took advantage of the incredible weather we have been having lately on Sunday to see this outstanding property. We were a little surprised as how modest, in size, the house was. I had this image of it being incredibly grand, on the scale of some of the Gold Coast of Long Island or Southampton houses of  yore. Of course by todays standards it is generous.....but not epic.It is epic in it's romanticism, being a Gothic revival afair by architecht A. J.

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