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My good friends the "Earltons" sent me this picture of a corner of their garden ( this is just the tip of the ice berg!). I did not ask their permission to put this photo up....but I know they won't mind me sharing this with the world. This garden is not in some tropical is in NorthCarolina!! Every summer is such a treat to see what textural and color combinations will come to life there. Plants are not the only things that flourish at that home.......friendships do too! These guys are the most loving and fun hosts, and the best friends one can have. 

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Summer slips away.....

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Another photograph from my summer vacation. There is nothing more summery that tomatoes ripening on the window sill. And even though we are having spectacular fall weather so far, I am still mourning the passing of summer. Crisp ocean breeze, warm sun, and fresh homegrown garden tomatoes......what could better represent the pleasures of summer? 

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Summer Sky

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I got side tracked from sharing my summer vaction pictures, and just wanted to get back to it. This crazy cloud formation was so amazing. Shortly before this picture was taken it had been quite cloudy and a bit foggy. I noticed that the clouds were moving in one direction to the south (which would have been to the left in this photo) and the fog was moving in the opposite direction to the north (to the right off  the ocean) I can only imagine that whatever was driving that crazy movement was responsible for this sight. I am always blown away by watching the weather from our island retreat.

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Beautiful things!

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I am all about beautiful business is all about beautiful things. 

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This is where I spent my summer vacation. Almost two weeks on a small island in Maine, at a 150 year old light house. I feel incredibly blessed to get to experience this place. The gift  is that between the charming house and the magnificent surrounding nature, any where my eye lands there is this incredible beauty! There are also some really wonderful people that we encounter during this annual sojourn.

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