The BEST summer cocktail!

By dennis / On Aug.07.2013 / In / Width

You are all going to thank me for this one!!!! My favorite cocktail was
inspired by one from the Cafe of Love in Mount Kisco with my own spin.
It is so fresh and satisfying and fairly guilt cocktail concoctions go.
10-12 green seedless grapes and a few fresh basil leaves...muddle well to get as
much juice out of grapes as possible. Add juice of one entire lemon, and a 
tablespoon of agave nectar  (more or less depending on desired sweetness)  and pour over

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Floral arranging 101

By dennis / On Jul.20.2013 / In / Width

Any one that is familiar with the shop knows that I almost always have some fresh, cut something going on. In the summer I often use the long elegantly arching, green branches of Forsythia in simple tall cylinder glass vases. They add the "life" i'm looking for, that fresh cut florals bring to interiors....they are FREE, and they last for a really long time. This is a picture of an arrangement that I made for home. About  one third of the things in it are cultivated....the rest was just stuff growing around the property (again...

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Just a reminder.....

By dennis / On Jul.18.2013 / In / Width

I felt we could use a little reminder (during this heat wave) of the alternative. This view from the shop window may help cool you down just a little. On a day like today it looks inticing.....but, as I've said many times, I 'd rather be hot than cold any day of the week!

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"Nature is always right!"

By dennis / On Jul.13.2013 / In / Width

The incomparable designer (and I'm very proud to say my friend) Dan Cariters made that announcement as we got into the car one day to go to lunch. Dan had just picked up a taupe and white feather that he had found on the side walk. He didn't take full credit for the thought. He was quoting another important designer Van Day Truex.....(if you don't know either of these names and love owe it to yourself to do some research).

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