Maine Vacataion

By dennis / On Jul.11.2014 / In / Width

Summer vacation is the best!!!!....Here a couple of scenes from our recent trip to the Mark Island light house. First... is there anything sweeter than dogs laying in the summer morning sun, on the front porch? Actually a little unusual for them to be quite this cozy....but an obvious prime spot to look out over the water. This time of morning there is always lobster fishermen traffic...out pulling traps.  

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Best of Westchester!

By dennis / On Jun.26.2014 / In / Width

Bedford House has been chosen as the 2014 Best home decor store for Westchester Magazine! The July issue will announce this....I am thrilled!

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Lots o' Luna Luck

By dennis / On May.24.2014 / In / Width

This morning as I walked into the bathroom to start getting ready to come into the shop, this guy greeted me! Stunning against the spring green lawn! I have always thought Luna moths were so gorgeous and an amazing color. And it is always such a treat to see them, especailly in the light of day. I took it as a good omen for the day far, so good! Happy Memorial Day eveyone....

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New Spring shipment!

By dennis / On May.03.2014 / In / Width

My recent trip to North Carolina was very productive! I have just received a shiment of great new merchandise. Many vintage, antique and new decorative and useful items. It will take a bit of time for me to get it all photographed and uploaded to the web site, but I'm working towards it! 

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This is a VERY good sign!!!

By dennis / On Mar.22.2014 / In / Width

Just as the snow has slowly receeded from the front lawn, these sure signs of spring have managed to push their their way through the matted down, light starved turf! I would like to thank these delicate, but perservering little crocuses, for greeting me this morning and giving me encouragement that a long intense winter is also receeding.

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