Because of limited space and desire for a particular level of quality and design, consignments are accepted selectively. Please understand that if items are rejected, that it is merely based on our particular interest and not on any monetary or sentimental value that anyone else may assign to the items. We welcome any submissions, but unfortunately can only accept those which we feel we can sell for the consignor in a timely manner, and are relevant to what we do.

Consignors may bring small items to be considered at any time during store hours. Consignors should e-mail photos of larger items or quantities of items prior to consignment for inspection and approval. An in home appointment may be arranged for large lots of furnishings. Please call us to set up an appointment. Bedford House LLC, reserves the right to reject any item for any reason.

Resale prices of the consigned furnishings will be determined and agreed upon jointly before being put on display in the shop. Consignors will receive 50% of the actual selling price (exclusive of sales tax) of the consignor's consigned items, and Bedford House LLC shall receive 50%.

Consignors are assigned an account number and are paid from an online checking. Thus all consignors must provide a mailing address and phone number when signing up.

The average consignment period is 90 days and will commence the first day the items are put on the floor for sale. Items may be picked up earlier with two days notice.

Bedford House LLC will offer a 10% discount to designers. Thus 5% of designers payments have the potential to go towards a designer discount and should be considered in pricing .

Pick up and delivery to the store is up to the consignor.

Bedford House will make every effort to protect and care for your consigned furnishings, but be aware all items consigned, remain the property of the owner while in our store. Bedford House will not take responsibility for any damages... but will make all reasonable effort to protect against it .