Yipes stripes!

The vertical black and clear stripes on these cased glass flutes gives a traditional form a modern spin. They will make popping champage cork an even more special occasion. Sturdier than delicate stemware, and not as tippy...these 6 1/4" glasses have great practical style.
Priced at $23.00 each

Ode to a glass urn

Waiting for a few blossoms for the dinner table or mantle piece...or as a repository for pencils on a very well appointed desk. These heavy crystal urns will be a sparkly addition to any setting. Classic and clean in style. they measure around 7" tall
Priced at $60.00 each

A light in the dark

For your summer al fresco dining or for the formal dining room these hurricane lanterns are a perfect choice. They blend beautifully in traditional or modern settings. You can out fit them with tea lights, or small pillar candles. Made as a single piece of high quality blown glass. 12" high.
Priced at $57.00 each

Ecologically sound choice

Reuse, recycle is important and all....but the real reason I was drawn to this product is the simple, quiet style. A clever young glass artisan refashioned a everyday wine bottle into an elegant vase. Beautiful reflective quality, and the green color of the bottle becomes even more delicate when expanded like this. 11" tall
Priced at $55.00 

Diamonds in the rough

The by product of manufacturing rarely looks this good! These glass rocks will add interest and sparkle to your table top or bookshelf....or certainly could function as a glamorous door stop. I have a variety of sizes and shapes that can stand on their own as objects, but look fantastic in mass.
Priced by weight.


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