Ode to a glass urn

Waiting for a few blossoms for the dinner table or mantle piece...or as a repository for pencils on a very well appointed desk. These heavy crystal urns will be a sparkly addition to any setting. Classic and clean in style. they measure around 7" tall
Priced at $60.00 each

Ecologically sound choice

Reuse, recycle is important and all....but the real reason I was drawn to this product is the simple, quiet style. A clever young glass artisan refashioned a everyday wine bottle into an elegant vase. Beautiful reflective quality, and the green color of the bottle becomes even more delicate when expanded like this. 11" tall
Priced at $55.00 

A little loopy!

Love this studio pottery piece! Sculptural and whimsical. 12 tall with a nice neutral glaze. AND...a real steal for all the style.
Priced at $44.00

Organic and textural

What is outstanding about this vintage studio ceramic piece is, to me, the color. An unusual beige glaze gives this 7" tall vase a lighter, modern appeal and is applied in a beautiful textrual pattern.
Priced at $54.00

Bud vase

Another unique vintage studio ceramic piece. This bud vase is clean and modern but of course earthy because of the medium. 6" tall with a vaugely olive green/neautral colored glaze.
Priced at $30.00


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